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Introducing the latest member to our heritage collection, the Ark Alpine Pack. This bag is built for all those rugged, urban adventurers, yet makes it look like as though said adventurer has been trekking somewhere in the high alps with nothing more then our trusty Alpine Pack, a mouldy apple, a swiss army knife, a copy of Plato's Republic, and perhaps a piece of organic leather to gnaw on. Little will everyone know you just clicked three times and this stylish, Euro Inspired mountain pack pack magically appeared at your doorstep two weeks (perhaps three) later. You will be the envy of your friends, who will think you stole it from your deceased uncle Horst's closet.  It comes to you in ruggedly worn, 100% thick weave canvas, with real leather-like (aka vinyl) accents.More...

We have improved on the original vintage design of these packs. Previous generations had more time to fuss around with the old style belt buckle straps. They look cool, but they sure are a pain to open and close, so we have put hidden snaps under the aged brass buckles, so you can easily just snap your pack open and shut. We don't have time for that old school relaxing and taking it easy. We are urban warriors, on the go, always plugged in. Important things like Facebook call.  

Thats why we also made a further improvement of providing a headphone wire grommet  and handy inside flap pocket for putting in your favourite MP3 device (we all know it is an Ixxx, but just can't say so for fear of being sued into oblivion, but let's just say our favourite benevolent brand of pomum- that's latin for apple).

Anyway, we digress. what else can we tell you about this great pack? We were inspired by the swiss/german, Lederhosen wearing travellers of bygone times, but once again took a backward product, and propelled it head first it into our modern century, for your consumption pleasure.  

The Ark Alpine Pack comes in three gloriously vintage earthy shades: Distressed Army Green, Desert Khaki and Sunbaked Black (so basically dark gray!).  This pack will easily hold any and all sizes of laptop computer by Pomum, as well as books you probably never read because you are to busy checking Facebook, your fixed wheels ridiculously expensive leather seat, as well as all other manner of hipster urban adventuring equipment.
  • Heavy duty distressed looking canvas
  • Plenty of storage for laptops or books
  • Antique brass fittings
  • Grommet headphone cord access and hidden flap pocket
  • Easy snap access hidden under vintage-looking buckles
You may also enjoy employing this bag though if you are a regular Joe or Jane, such as us.
  • Black  BLK - Black
  • Green  GRN - Green
  • Khaki  KHK - Khaki
  • APBCProduct ID#
  • Cotton Canvas and LeatherMaterial
  • UnisexCut
  • ArkManufacturer / Brand
  • 0.8 kg   (1.8 lb)Approx weight
  • 34 x 42 x 16 cm   (13.4 x 16.5 x 6.3 in)Dimensions

Customer Reviews

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I go to school with a bunch of dudes who think that a big all black backpack is so cool but they don’t know whats up! It’s all about looking grown up and professional these days man! That is why I rock this bag, just look at it and try to compare me to some of those lames at my school. I dare you!

,   from Flint, MI,  

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