Ark Freemont Bag

Ark Clothes Freemont Bag

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A tough, yet tender, durable yet smart member of the Ark Heritage Collection, the Freemont Backpack. Built tough enough for the country but also built to hold its own on those urban hipster mean streets. We designed the Freemont to survive a fall from a fixed wheel bicycle just in case you haven't quite mastered how to properly preform a brake skid. You may tear a hole in the knee of for ridiculously tight skinny pants, but your Freemont pack should come out no worse for wear!
Inspired by the old school back packs of yesteryear, but updated with funky canvas colour combinations, combined with recycled genuine leather bottom liner (cut straight from the back of a 70's pimp jacket of the finest Corinthian leather!).More...

This little number is small enough to be comfortable, yet big enough to hold any size of your favourite brand of laptop (the one that rhymes with "crack"), or your fixed wheels ultra expensive seat that needs removing while parked outside the coffee shop you like to chill in.
The Freemont comes to you in ruggedly worn looking, 100% thick weave canvas and features a small back zipper pocket with a head phone wire grommet hole for your favourite music playing device and for handy wallet access. Durable antique brass fittings, and genuine recycled leather straps, coat hook and bottom liner round off the pre-worn look. We also provide a great little front exterior pocket for holding your favourite paper back novels, which holds the proper trade paper back size and not the lame pocket book size books! Oh yes you may also enjoy employing this bag too though if you are a regular Dick or Jane, such as us, because it is just damn stylish, damn cool and at least one quarter enviromentally friendly - the leather quarter. The Freemont comes in the following two inspired colour combinations: Distressed Army Green, with Desert Khaki and Bleached Navy front pocket, and the flip combo.

It's canvas, it's leather (recycled leather to you darlin'), it has an antique brass eyelet to keep your modern headphones connected.
  • Antique brass fittings
  • Grommet headphone cord access
  • Exterior small zip pocket for phone or wallet
  • Padded straps for comfort
  • Recycled leather straps and bottom liner
Bored of plastic bags and artificial fibres? This is for you, broder(ess).
  • Green  GRN - Green
  • Navy Blue  NBL - Navy Blue
  • FMBProduct ID#
  • Cotton Canvas and LeatherMaterial
  • UnisexCut
  • ArkManufacturer / Brand
  • 0.8 kg   (1.8 lb)Approx weight
  • 33 x 44 x 17 cm   (13 x 17.3 x 6.7 in)Dimensions

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When I got back to school this year I could’t believe some of the atrocities were walking around with and still calling them backpacks. Those were some pretty poor examples of fashion if you ask me but everyone wanted to argue that theirs was the best. Then I brought this one in and now everyone comes to me for fashion advice.

,   from Greenville,  

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