Ark Hannah Ethnic Bag

Ark Clothes Hannah Ethnic Bag

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This is a special edition of our Hannah Bag Series features the era of love, peace and cultural diversity. It was the age of young people with long hair who lived in communities and travelled in big colorful painted buses. We were inspired by the freedom and lifestyle of this particular subculture prevalent during the 60's.

The shape of our Hannah Ethnic Bag is perfect to carry around town on an easy day or for you girls who are the grab and go type. The size is big enough not only to put your wallet, cell phone and makeup, but you can also take your foldable umbrellas on a rainy day and a shawl in case it gets kind of drafty waiting for the bus or taking the subway.

This special edition comes in three woven canvas materials, which remind us of bohemian costumes and the hand woven fabrics by the villagers of Peru.More...

The bag has convenient leather-like handles with brass accents and comes with a detachable and an adjustable side strap so that it can be easily thrown onto your shoulders and have your hands available to ride a bike or for carrying shopping bags on your day out with the girls. The bag closes with brass zippers with a leather pull tag and comes with inside pockets with sections to put your cell phone and a zipper pocket to hide your valuables.
  • Ethnic canvas material
  • Detachable and adjustable side strap
  • Convenient size
  • Brass zipper and fittings
  • Inside zipper pocket and pocket for holding cellphone
The Hannah Ethnic Bag is available to you in three colorful combinations of Peruvian Navy, Bohemian Pink and Hippie Blue.
  • Brown  BRN - Brown
  • Red  RED - Red
  • HANBGProduct ID#
  • Ethnic Canvas and VinylMaterial
  • UnisexCut
  • ArkManufacturer / Brand
  • 0.67 kg   (1.5 lb)Approx weight
  • 33 x 30 x 15 cm   (13 x 11.8 x 5.9 in)Dimensions

Customer Reviews

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I’ve never been a fan of having a big bag but I think this one might have just changed my mind for good. I love the design of it and having so much room inside of it lets me carry around so much more of my stuff. Feels very strong too!

,   from Texas,  

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