Defy Polaroid Camera Retro Brass Necklace

Ark Clothes Polaroid Camera Retro Brass Necklace

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Polaroid cameras, one of the great inventions in the camera world, by one of the great inventors. Originally designed after his daughter asked why couldn't she see photo images immediately, the Polaroid camera went on to fame and fortune and is having something of a retro revival right now. This retro brass polaroid camera pendant hangs closed, but has a hinge, so you can open up the camera. This camera does not take real photos! Oh yes indeedy.But it does feature in them exceptionally well.
  • DF480Product ID#
  • BrassMaterial
  • UnisexCut
  • DefyManufacturer / Brand
  • 0.1 kg   (0.2 lb)Approx weight

Customer Reviews

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Even though there are a lot of new technologies out there now for photography, my favorite has always been the old school Polaroid cameras that would spit out the picture and then you would have to shake it before anything showed up. This pendant is a perfect miniature recreation of those cameras and it just looks so cute!

,   from Illinois,  

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