Ark Reworked Leather Phone Sleeve

Ark Clothes Reworked Leather Phone Sleeve

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Neatly cut and hand crafted from a soft yet sturdy vintage jacket- who would believe? and lined with a reworked cotton flannel shirt or soft ethnic canvas this phone sleeve is one of a kind. Making life easier, we have designed the sleeve to come with a tab that will allow you to pull your phone right out of the sleeve in no time -never again to miss that next important call.

Our small size fits both the iPhone 4 and 5- the iPhone 4 will be set a tad bit deeper into the sleeve. The sleeve will fit your phone nicely and will be a little more snug should your phone comes with a thin protection case.
  • Made from soft reworked vintage leather
  • Lining made from reworked cotton shirt or ethnic woven canvas
  • Smart pull tab
  • Small size will fit iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 (also other phone models, please check dimensions)
  • Large size will fit the Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Galxy S3 (also other phone models, please check dimensions)
The larger size will fit the Nokia Lumia 920 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Who says it's impossible to become a superhero?! You can simply become one by getting yourself a protection for your phone and at the same time fulfil your Earthbound duty as a responsible consumer!
  • Red  RED - Red
  • Yellow  YEL - Yellow
  • Green  GRN - Green
  • Dark Brown  DBR - Dark Brown
  • Khaki Tan  TAN - Khaki Tan
  • IPHSLVProduct ID#
  • Reworked leatherMaterial
  • UnisexCut
  • ArkManufacturer / Brand
  • 0.05 kg   (0.1 lb)Approx weight
  • 14 x 7.3 x 1.5 cm   (5.5 x 2.9 x 0.6 in)Dimensions

Customer Reviews

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I love this phone case and carry it with me wherever I go. Recently at my school though there was a group of students protesting and spraypainting phones with leather cases as people walked by. I tried explaining to them that this was made from reworked leather but they just didn’t want to listen. Oh well, this phone case is awesome and it’s not the company’s fault that other people are stupid.

,   from Philly,  

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